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Space Bunnies

Space Bunnies


Concept Art | Illustrated by Allison Black | Please Inquire for Story Details/Contracting

When one courageous bunny yearns to reach for the stars, he relies on his three best friends to help him make his dream come true. It's going to take careful planning, teamwork, courage and a whole lot of carrots to get these fluffy-tailed heroes where no bunny has gone before. A story about adventure, space and most importantly, friendship.


Preparing for the long journey means double checking that all systems are ‘go’, mapping the course, and packing everything the team will need, including lots and lots and LOTS of carrots!


3…2…1…BLAST OFF! Will these tenacious bunnies make it to their final destination? What struggles will they have to overcome to make their dreams come true? Who will learn something unexpected along the way? To find out more, please reach out!