Allison Black Illustration
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Little World Series

Little World Series: A Push-and-Pull Adventure

Illustrated by Allison Black for Ladybird | Summer/Fall 2019 | Board Book Series

Introducing the interactive Little World series that makes our big world little. Little World is designed for curious toddlers, allowing them to explore familiar landscapes and faraway places, from cities and jungles to outer space and the depths of the ocean. The gentle narrative is perfect for reading aloud and guiding children on their adventures and a novelty slide, push or pull on every spread helps them to engage and explore. Bright artwork and charming characters encourage interaction and play, with lots to spot, see and enjoy on every spread. This series has been created in collaboration with subject experts to produce accurate representations of the world around us and to provide a perfectly designed Little World. Click the banner above for an animated overview of the series!


In The City: Follow along as two grandparents take their grand-kids on a tour around the city. Look up at the towering buildings, watch cars zoom by, have a treat in the park, cool off in a museum, and take in a firework show to end the day! With this push-and-pull adventure, you’re little one is sure to enjoy all the big city has to offer…while in the safety of your home.

Watch the video above for a full preview of Little World: In the City, and see how each scene unfolds using various paper mechanics!

In this busy city scene, a vertical double-pull reveals towering buildings and a side tab extends the road, exposing a little red car and passengers on the bus.


To the Moon: 5,4,3,2,1…Blast off! Join in on the adventure of a lifetime as three astronauts prepare for their moon landing excursion. Watch as their spaceship transforms throughout the various stages of their journey, enjoy a drive along the moon’s surface, collect rock samples, and take a bouncy space walk. When their work is done it’s time to blast back to the shuttle and start the long journey back home. With push-and-pull mechanics on each page, you’re little one can take part in a trip that’s out of this world right from the comfort of their own beds.

Watch the video above for a quick preview of Little World: To the Moon, (in Spanish!) and see as each scene unfolds using various paper mechanics!

Help send the astronauts into space by pulling up on the tab, revealing various stages of the rocket as it journeys into space and onto the moon. The side panel also pulls out as Florida animals react to the intense blast-off!


To the Moon blasts listeners off into space and thence to the Moon and is billed as being ‘based on the Apollo Moon landings’. There’s a final fold-out vertical flap to add to the fun, as the explorers fire up the engines ready to lift off back home to Earth. Both [In the City and To the Moon] have lively illustrations that keep toddlers engaged and extend the potential beyond the basic narrative. (Red Reading Hub July 2019)


Little World: To the Moon was one of three books placed on the shortlist for the 2019 Saninsbury’s Book of the Year in the Baby and Toddler category.


Jungle Journey: Hike through the jungle with two field experts as they collect data about the various bugs, birds, reptiles and critters living in this lush environment. After taking photographs and writing notes, make camp for a night out in the wild. The following morning, kayak through busy waters on the journey back home. With pull-out flaps and sliding mechanics, your little one is sure to be surprised and delighted by all the amazing things to discover in this one of a kind jungle journey!


Under the Sea: Explore all the ocean has to offer by joining two marine biologists on their underwater adventures in this colorful and fish-filled book. Snorkle in the shallows with baby sea turtles, capture a photo of a blowfish, discover the unique species living in the depths of the ocean, and end the day with a whopper of a whale siting. With moving parts on each spread, little ones can submerge themselves into unique ocean landscapes - no swimsuit necessary!


Don’t forget to have your little ones find the tiny ladybug hidden somewhere in each spread!